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Hybrid (SPC Vinyl)

Fast facts:

• Brand: Hunter AU
• 100% water-proof
• Wear layer: 0.5mm
• AAAC 5 Star Acoustic Rating
• VOC E0 (Volatile Organic Compound)
• Class/Usage: Residential & Commercial
• Click Lock Joint System(Unilin click Lock)
• Ease, Glueless, No mess installation
• Perfect foot-sense
• No foam underlayment padding needed
• UV Cured Urethane Finish

Hybrid Flooring-HTS711 Nordic Brown - Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS711 Nordic Brown

Hybrid Flooring-HTS712 Bark Brown - Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS712 Bark Brown

Hybrid Flooring-HTS713 Honey Beige- Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS713 Honey Beige

Hybrid Flooring-HTS714 Almond Oak- Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS714 Almond Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS319 Smokey Grey-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS319 Smokey Grey

Hybrid Flooring-HTS318 Brown Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS318 Brown Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS317 Warm Spring-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Warm Spring Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS316 Antique Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Antique Oak Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS315 Lunar-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS315 Lunar

Hybrid Flooring-HTS314 Ash Grey Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS314 Ash Grey Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS313 Wood Land Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid  Flooring  Wood Land Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS312 Elegant Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Elegant Oak SPC Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS311 Ash Grey-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Ash Grey Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS302 Silver Oak-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Silver Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS305 Blackbutt-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS305 Blackbutt

Hybrid Flooring-HTS306 Spotted Gum-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS306 Spotted Gum


Fast facts:

- Brand: Hunter AU
- Germany Technology
- Click System
- Thickness: 12mm
- Healthy and ecologically compatible
- Light resistant
- Resistant to household chemicals
- Impact resistant
- Hygienic and easily maintained
- Resistant to burning cigarettes
- Non-Abrasive
- Resistant to stains
- Emission rate: E0
- Premium grade high definition. Matte, Semi-gloss or high gloss 12mm laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring-HTL806S Ivory OakSize:1215*195*12mm

Ivory Oak Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring-HTL808 Spalted WalnutSize:1215*195*12mm

Spalted Walnut Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring-HTL807-Dark Charcoal OakSize:2200*226*12mm (long boards)

Laminate Flooring- HTL807-Dark Charcoal Oak



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