Timber Flooring Maintenance Guide
Timber Flooring Maintenance Guide


Following proper cares should invite your attention in daily use:

1.    Do daily cleaning just with well squeezed wet rag. Never submit your floor to wet cleaning. Sweep or vacuum as often as necessary to remove any loose dirt or grit.

2.    When moving big or heavy thing, handle with care. Do not pull or push. Attach felt protection pads to the legs of the furniture. Never slide or roll furniture or appliances across your floor. Protect the surface if using a trolley to move heavy objects.

3.    Use mats – as it is possible to walk in sand and grit from outside, placing mats at the front of entrances will help to minimize the risk.  So will using rugs or runners in areas that are highly trafficked. Do not use rubber-based mats as the rubber may leach into the floor boards.

4.    Do not use strong acid or strong base to clean the floor.

5.    Avoid long-time direct contact with high temperature media.

6.    Avoid direct sunlight – direct sunlight will damage the floor or cause fading over time so it is a good idea to use curtains or blinds to filter the sunlight coming in through the windows.

7.    Do not sand or polish Hybrid and Laminate floor boards.

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