Hybrid vs Laminate Flooring
Hybrid vs Laminate Flooring

The greatest difference – hybrid flooring is entirely waterproof, whereas most laminate flooring (except waterproof laminate) only features slight water resistance.


Hybrid flooring is a very resilient floor covering. Not only it is 100% waterproof thanks to the limestone composite core board, but it is more resistant to direct heat and extreme cold compare with laminate.

Aside from its elegant appearance and durability, there are several reasons why hybrid flooring is a smart investment.

1.            Waterproof

2.            Resistant to mold

3.            They are easy to clean and maintain. Just vacuum and mop with water once weekly to help them shine.

4.            Easy to install


Generally, normal laminate (water-resistant only) is easy to be damaged by water or moisture.


Although hybrid flooring is slightly more expensive, it is a better choice when you need waterproof, lifespan, and durability in your flooring.

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