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Hybrid Flooring (SPC Vinyl Plank) 

Warehouse Direct Sales!  Best Quality! Cheapest Price! Easy To Install! 

We are one of the biggest Hybrid Flooring (SPC Vinyl Plank) wholesale supplier in NSW with many colors available.

A Grade Hybrid Flooring with Unilin click Lock system, dimensions (1220*180*6MM/1520*223*6MM//1520*223*8.5MM).

Please call us or visit our showroom/warehouse for more information

• 100% water-proof
• Wear layer: 0.5mm
• AAAC 5 Star Acoustic Rating
• VOC E0 (Volatile Organic Compound)
• Class/Usage: Residential & Commercial
• Click Lock Joint  System(Unilin click Lock)
• Ease, Glueless, No mess installation
• Perfect foot-sense
• No foam underlayment padding needed
• UV Cured Urethane Finish

Pickup Address: 3/117-119 Silverwater Road, Silverwater NSW 2128

Hybrid Flooring-HTS711 Nordic Brown - Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS711 Nordic Brown

Hybrid Flooring-HTS712 Bark Brown - Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS712 Bark Brown

Hybrid Flooring-HTS713 Honey Beige- Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS713 Honey Beige

Hybrid Flooring-HTS714 Almond Oak- Size:1520*223*8.5MM(7mm+1.5mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS714 Almond Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS319 Smokey Grey-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS319 Smokey Grey

Hybrid Flooring-HTS318 Brown Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS318 Brown Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS317 Warm Spring-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Warm Spring Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS316 Antique Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Antique Oak Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS315 Lunar-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS315 Lunar

Hybrid Flooring-HTS314 Ash Grey Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS314 Ash Grey Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS313 Wood Land Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid  Flooring  Wood Land Oak

Hybrid Flooring-HTS312 Elegant Oak-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Elegant Oak SPC Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS311 Ash Grey-Size:1520*223*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Ash Grey Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS302 Silver Oak-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Silver Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring-HTS305 Blackbutt-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS305 Blackbutt

Hybrid Flooring-HTS306 Spotted Gum-Size:1220*180*6MM(5mm+1mm IXPE)

Hybrid Flooring-HTS306 Spotted Gum





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